Northern Cross Island Adventure: Join The Ride (June 2-3)

Michael Turton over at The View From Taiwan would like to put out an invite for any and all cyclists to join him on another amazing trip across the Northern Cross Island Highway

The ride will be a two day affair beginning Saturday, June 1st at the Yongjing metro station at 7:30am.

The first day will end in Baling, where riders can crash at one of the cheap hostels available. Sunday, June 2nd, riders will descend into Iilan in the early afternoon to catch trains back to Taipei or continue on to other exotic locales if they wish. 

The ride will be at a friendly pace, so it is perfect for the novice who is looking to get out for a little bicycle adventure with a really great gang of people. For stronger riders this is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the stunning scenery and share in the camaraderie of Michael’s rolling party. I may even make an appearance. 

Everyone is welcome and nobody is ever dropped. This is about friends and fun. It is always nice to see some new faces in the group. 

When: June 2-3. Beginning June 1, 7:30am.
Who: Anyone who wants to have a fun and memorable ride. 
Where: Taiwan Northern Cross Island Highway (Highways 7A and 7). 
How: Meet at Yongjing Metro Station.
What: Bring your bike. A change of clothes. Money for food and lodging. Helmet. Great Attitude.
Why: Because life is too short to be boring.

More Info: Contact me through my blog or Michael Turton (

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