Chinese Bikes… Made In Taiwan? Misleading Labels and Substandard Equipment

The Taipei Times is reporting that a number of bicycles and parts labeled “Made In Taiwan” are actually produced in China using substandard parts.

“Consumers often think they are buying a Taiwan-made product and only after they bring the product home and find that it is substandard do they realize that the main components are made in China…”

Taiwanese cooperation with manufacturing facilities in China is nothing new. With expanded trade and easing of regulations, there will surely be more of this type of “cross pollination”. The government in many cases seems to even be treating economic partnerships between Chinese and Taiwanese companies as something “local”.

I see a danger here in Taiwan degrading its brand as a whole.

Over the past 30 years Taiwan has become a well respected name in manufacturing. Over the past decade Taiwan’s bicycle manufacturing industry has shed the stigma as an “Asian producer”, and the name “Taiwan” has become synonymous with quality. Part of that quality stems from a system that promotes political and economic clarity.

Taiwan needs to protect its brand and strengthen rules that protect consumers from poorly made and potentially dangerous Chinese goods that sully Taiwan’s good name.


The professional cyclist, George Bennett, blogs on his Taiwan Bike Festival experience.

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