I Love A Rainy Night

I just thought I would post a few ics of our lovely night ride in which we were stranded for an hour during a torrential downpour and electrical storm that seemed to come out of nowhere. We just waited it out with a few other unfortunate folks in a nearby temple.

That’s just a fact of life here in Taiwan, where the late summer is a crap shoot of weather… or maybe some crappy and shitty weather to be more exact. The rain cooled things off and it actually turned into a nice evening.

2 thoughts on “I Love A Rainy Night

  1. Agreed! I love to ride after a full day at work and it hasn't been happening. On weekends I am just resigned to riding wet, but the high intensity night rides are out for now. Last night it wasn't so bad because we had a nice excuse to sit down under the covered area at the temple and just chat. No other distractions in the way. Kind of romantic in a way.

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