Cycling Through Songs

After a rain squall in Changhua killed my iPod Shuffle in less than a minute, I bought a new one, and I don’t like it as much. Earbuds already suck, but there are the best so far. My biggest problem, and I am not joking, is the fact that my otherwise normal looking ears were actually reconstructed by a Dr. Moriano in Seattle after years of wrestling resulted in pretty severe couliflower ear. The “Hey, feel my ear” game is a great conversation starter at cocktail parties of picking up chicks in bars, but earbuds just pop out.

Anyways, I have it all loaded up and shuffled, just waiting to surprise me with that perfect song to revive a dying cadence. So… what’s in the ipod?

My List Of My Last 25 Songs From My Evening Ride (I’m surprised as well):

1. Animal–Miike Snow
2. You Say You Don’t Mean It– Young Fresh Fellows
3. Teardrops–The Proclaimers
4. Tarzan Boy–Baltimora
5. I Don’t Want To Get Over You–The Magnetic Fields
6. Thunder Struck– AC/DC
7. Chain Gang– The Pretenders
8. Ramble On– Led Zepplin
9. Bad To The Bone– George Thorogood
10. Look Back In Anger– David Bowie
11. 96 Tears– The Stranglers
12. The Harder They Come– Jimmy Cliff
13. Right Here Right Now– Jesus Jones
14. Ruby– Kaiser Chiefs
15. Radio GaGa– Queen
16. Peaches– The Stranglers
18. Cruel– PIL
19. Saturday Night– Bay City Rollers
20. Pure– The Lightning Seeds
21. Because The Night– Patti Smith
22. Seventeen– Winger
23. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes– Home
24. Museum of Sex– Robyn Hitchcock
25. Sex Pistols– New York


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