Dadu Shan Night Loop and Addendum

With my health and fitness climbing back up, I have started doing my night rides again. A lot of people think it is insane to ride on Taiwanese streets during the day, let alone at night.

Personally, I enjoy the night rides because there is less traffic and I can see where the vehicles are by their lights.

This particular night I was a little slow off the start as I was traveling West though a meaty North/South crosswind.

I always go up the Industrial Park 22 Road to IP 5 road and through the back door of the Tunghai Market to Shinshing Rd. The dodging and weaving through pedestrian traffic in the market is a thrill. I then cross Taichung Harbor road to “International Street”, which is a faux cobblestone lane on a hill and the most idiotic series of uncontrolled, speed bumped intersections.

After snaking through the back roads I return to Taichung City on Xitun rd. This is where I have recorded my fastest time ever, topping out at 72.4kph. This time I was quite a bit slower through the wind.

I then hit the heavy traffic of the city. It becomes a real slugfest down there as I jockey around cars and scooters to keep my speed up while staying safe. On this night there were a few lost drivers who wouldn’t give me room to get around them.

I then turn back on Wenxin Rd. to sprint between lights on my way home. This is where I didn’t have it in the legs like I usually do.

That’s why there’s always a “next time”. Full Stats


On my rides I like to bring the ole ipod out. I picked up the new nano touch and like it more than the buttonless shuffle. So what was going through my ears on this ride. Here are the 15 songs that I listened to on this ride:

  • The KKK Took My Baby Away–The Ramones
  • Rooster–Alice In Chains
  • TheWalls Came Down–The Call
  • Sweet Child Of Mine–Guns & Roses
  • Hells Bells–AC/DC
  • Pump It Up–Elvis Costello
  • Torreador Song–Bizet
  • Planet Queen–T-Rex
  • Puttin On The Ritz–Taco
  • As Everything–The Fastbacks
  • Middle Man Of Time–Young Fresh Fellows
  • Are You Experienced–Jimi Hendrix
  • Small Town Boy–Bronski Beat
  • Change–The Lightning Seeds
  • She Sells Sanctuary–The Cult