Taiwan Represents At RAAM

I hope Taiwanese will come out to recognize Fu Sheng-chieh, the Taiwanese rider who made his first attempt at the Race Across America (RAAM). The RAAM is a brutal weeklong slog from Oceanside, California to Annapolis Maryland.

Fu has repeatedly used this opportunity to highlight Taiwan. Upon leaving for California, Fu wore an iconic T-shirt which read, “I am a Taiwanese”.

Although Fu has only garnered a DNF in his first attempt, there is no reason he could not become the next Jure Robic

Well done!


Random Bike Stuff

June 15, 2011: The Race Across AMerica (RAAM) kicks off for another grueling ride. Sadly, this year’s race will be ridden without Jure Robic, the Slovene RAAM record holder and certified baddass, who died in an accident last year. Maybe I’ll have to heal up and do a tribute to one of my cycling heroes.


Here is a beautifully shot, if at the risk of sounding full of itself, documentary about mountain bikes and downhill riding. Some of the photography is absolutely amazing.


Seven was nice enough to make the Axiom SL their featured product, and they include a lot of information about the bike and how it compares to other models. Here


RBR has a thread on a new Salsa Casseroll build. Purdy bike.

Jure de Force

Jure Robic, the man who logged a 518 mile day to hallucinations of angry wolves and Mujahideen fighters, is back again to compete in the 2010 Ride Across America (RAAM). Robic has set a blistering pace, averaging 18.84mph. Although this may sound like a recovery ride, the average speed is measured by calculating time resting, eating, sleeping and hallucinating on the side of the road. Robic is hoping to break the average speed record of 15.4 mph. The race begins in Oceanside, California and finishes in Annapolis, Maryland, covering over 3000 miles of America… and most places in the USA aren’t all that.