Thursday Night Fights (Video)

Each Thursday night I like to attack Dadu Shan, the hill overlooking Taichung City, and work a little on climbing and bike handling.

Some riders don’t like riding in Taichung during the day, let alone at night.

I really enjoy it. With lights, you can see cars and drivers can better see you.

This particular route goes from Wu Chuan West Rd. to the Taichung Industrial Park, and then through the back door of the Tung-hai Market. I then cut across Taichung Harbor Rd. and hit Art/International Street, before coming down Xitun Rd. and back onto Wen Xin.

I normally complete the loop in just over 45min. but I was taking it easy and thus I thought I could get some video.

Dadu Shan Night Loop and Addendum

With my health and fitness climbing back up, I have started doing my night rides again. A lot of people think it is insane to ride on Taiwanese streets during the day, let alone at night.

Personally, I enjoy the night rides because there is less traffic and I can see where the vehicles are by their lights.

This particular night I was a little slow off the start as I was traveling West though a meaty North/South crosswind.

I always go up the Industrial Park 22 Road to IP 5 road and through the back door of the Tunghai Market to Shinshing Rd. The dodging and weaving through pedestrian traffic in the market is a thrill. I then cross Taichung Harbor road to “International Street”, which is a faux cobblestone lane on a hill and the most idiotic series of uncontrolled, speed bumped intersections.

After snaking through the back roads I return to Taichung City on Xitun rd. This is where I have recorded my fastest time ever, topping out at 72.4kph. This time I was quite a bit slower through the wind.

I then hit the heavy traffic of the city. It becomes a real slugfest down there as I jockey around cars and scooters to keep my speed up while staying safe. On this night there were a few lost drivers who wouldn’t give me room to get around them.

I then turn back on Wenxin Rd. to sprint between lights on my way home. This is where I didn’t have it in the legs like I usually do.

That’s why there’s always a “next time”. Full Stats


On my rides I like to bring the ole ipod out. I picked up the new nano touch and like it more than the buttonless shuffle. So what was going through my ears on this ride. Here are the 15 songs that I listened to on this ride:

  • The KKK Took My Baby Away–The Ramones
  • Rooster–Alice In Chains
  • TheWalls Came Down–The Call
  • Sweet Child Of Mine–Guns & Roses
  • Hells Bells–AC/DC
  • Pump It Up–Elvis Costello
  • Torreador Song–Bizet
  • Planet Queen–T-Rex
  • Puttin On The Ritz–Taco
  • As Everything–The Fastbacks
  • Middle Man Of Time–Young Fresh Fellows
  • Are You Experienced–Jimi Hendrix
  • Small Town Boy–Bronski Beat
  • Change–The Lightning Seeds
  • She Sells Sanctuary–The Cult

Night Ride to Caotun Stats

I decided to run the fatigue out of my legs after Sunday’s century and do a ride out to Caotun and back along the Changhua side. As a solo ride at night it wasn’t so bad. Too much traffic to watch and it took me way too long to get the legs to wake up, but it worked. About half-way through everything started feeling perfect. My legs spun circles, my tires felt properly inflated, my ass felt right on the seat and I felt comfy in the drops, which is good for a mile an hour. Now maybe I can get a sound sleep.

Night Rider

Since I have been discussing safety I thought I should post something about the dumbest, most dangerous ride I do. It is also my favorite.

Like most people I don’t have enough time in my life to ride. The cycling understatement of the year. SO I need to get saddle time where I can find it.

Two or three nights a week I do my evening hill loop. It is a 14mi. (22.5km.) loop from Taichung City to the Tunghai market and back. I started doing this during the summer because it was cooler and I could better exert myself without worrying about offending my coworkers with anything worse that my humor.

The loop starts out in Nantun and I take Wu Chuan W. Rd. all the way to the Circle K on the hill by the industrial park. From there I cut right and take the Gong Ye #22 Rd. to Gong Ye 1st Rd. It makes a nice, steady climb to the back door of the Tunghai Market. I cut through the market and dodge people and traffic, before I cross Chung Gang Rd. to the International Street. I hammer my way to the top and then come down the hill at 40mph (64kph) to Xitun Rd. Xi tun is packed with traffic and it is a battle all the way through. I take it as fast as I can go before I join up with Wen xin Rd. and sprint home. On Wen xin I can usually reach speeds between 30 to 35mph (48-56kph). I also do this listening to an ipod. Eh! Sometimes while climbing as fast as I can, a little Steve Perry makes all the difference. So… yeah! Stupid, dangerous and a lot of fun. So far it takes 43min. to complete. Still, I don’t take unnecessary chances. If I don’t beat my time I don’t beat my time.