EVENT INVITE: Help Me Celebrate My Birthday Over Alishan (Nov. 24-25)

Seven Axiom SL, Alishan in Taiwan

This November I’ll be celebrating another middle age birthday on the bike and I’d like to put the call out to invite my friends and TiC readers to join me in a two day ride over Alishan

Instead of doing the ride in a 250km 4000m single day effort, we hope to make this a more manageable, friendly ride by breaking it up into two days. Two days leaves time for a little beer somewhere along the route. 

This ride should be suitable for most regular riders. The route is incredible and unforgettable.  It is challenging, but not devastating. 

Info: Nov 24-25th, Alishan. First day from Taichung to Tsaoling on the 149, then second day leave early and head up to Fenchihu on the 169 or 149. Reaching Fenchihu in the early afternoon, we’ll take the 159A out of Shijhuo, one of Taiwan’s loveliest roads, down to Chiayi city and catch the train or ride back home. Come one, come all!

Contact: ackymouse@gmail.com

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