58cm Bianchi CX Bike: FOR SALE


Attention tall guys!

I normally don’t use this space to post want ads, but every once in a while someone notifies me of an interesting bike they are looking to unload. 

Today that bike is a Bianchi Cavaria CX bike. 

It is difficult to find a CX bike in Taiwan. It is equally difficult to find a 58cm frame. 

Now here is not only a 58cm CX bike, but it is also a Bianchi adorned in the most classic of bicycle colors… Celeste. Not too many of these on the roads around Taiwan. This is the first I have seen here.

A bike like this would make a perfect multi-terrain bike for both roads and all those crumbling little betel nut trails up in the hills. 

This is a CF frame, so if you are looking for a tourer there are better options. Still, a wonderful find if you are tall enough to climb aboard. 

The MSRP on this bike is about NT 100,000. The owner is willing to take some pretty deeps cuts on a frame that is only a few months old. Ask him about pricing. 

For more details on the bike, look HERE.

If you contact me I can put you in touch with the seller. 
*Any transaction that transpires in between the buyer and seller. TiC in not a party to any transaction and can not be held liable under any circumstances. As always, buyer beware. 

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