Kenting Claims Another Cyclist: Japanese Cyclist Killed In Kenting

More sad news is coming out of Kenting, where another foreign cyclist was struck and killed by a truck.

Next Media has the story complete with the gruesome video and tasteless animation.

Apparently, the Japanese cycling tourist was struck while cycling along the coast in Kenting after drifting into the roadway.

A few weeks ago an American cyclist was also struck and killed by a truck in the same area.

The two deaths come just weeks before Taipei Cycle, one of the world’s largest cycling trade shows, at a time when Taiwan is trying to showcase the nation’s prowess in developing a viable market in cycling tourism.

Blame for these deaths can be placed at the feet of several parties, but riders and drivers need to hit the roads with the knowledge that despite Taiwan’s great investment in cycling infrastructure, it is meaningless without an equal investment in educating the public on how motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians can safely coexist on Taiwan’s roadways.

Until that happens, Taiwan will continue to be an unnecessarily dangerous place to ride.

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