Velo-City Looking For A Taiwanese Perspective

Here is a little info sent over from Jean at Velo-City.

They are putting out a call for papers on international cycling perspectives and I think there are several readers out there who would be ideal to submit some work for this event.

Taiwan can really be a wonderful case study in how countries are grappling with the bicycle in the interests of the private citizen, enterprise, the environment and globalization.

If anyone has an ideas for a paper, please submit an abstract to Velo-City at the link below.

Abstracts are due November 15th

Here’s how they do it in Seoul

1 thought on “Velo-City Looking For A Taiwanese Perspective

  1. The last time this annual conference (under European Federation of Cyclists) was held outside of Europe, was a decade ago –in Montreal, Quebec.

    The 2010 Global Conference was in Copenhagen, Denmark which attracted 1,000 international delegates.

    Hope to hear from Taiwan!

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