Ride Reports and Other Links

A couple recent ride reports to post.

Last weekend I did Puli to Wuling. Nathan from Bicycle Sidewalk provides a report from his attack on the other side of the mountain from Hualien to the Taichung side. Personally, I find his route more rewarding in every way.


Michael Turton from The View from Taiwan provides a wonderful report on his recent ride to the Liu Family House in Changhua along the Route 137. This is a wonderfully accessible and interesting ride into Taiwan’s history from a time the Liu Family House sat near the very edge of the Qing imperial frontier.


For anyone planning a Round-Island ride or for those people interested in riding Taiwan’s East Coast, there is a Facebook page that provides regular traffic reports for the infamous SuHua Highway. The SuHua Highway is notoriously dangerous for automobiles and cyclists alike.

You can look for details HERE (Chinese).

Other News:
  • When I was in the first grade, all the kids in the neighborhood converged on the school to participate in the “Bicycle Rodeo”, where children would learn about bike safety and then follow a course similar to Taiwan’s scooter driving test to gain the right to bike to school. I loved biking to school. Sadly, in this era of “helicopter parents” and coddling overcompensation for children whose parents are too busy to raise them, children have increasingly lost the right to bike to school. In Taiwan we have a safety problem as well. I have actually been run off the road twice by parents rushing their children to school. Now, parents are being encouraged to send their children to school on bikes once more… in America.
  • According to a new report, the prospects for increased use of cycling for recreation and transportation looks rosy. Another great INFOGRAPHIC.
  • Competitive Cyclist has been purchased by Backcountry. I normally wouldn’t care, but a few months back Competitive Cyclist acquired Merlin Metalworks, the storied titanium frame maker that was languishing under the American Bicycle Group, which also owns LITESPEED. Both these titanium brands seem to have been mistreated by ABG and have lost a ton of their cachet. I have been hoping Merlin could be revived… and I hope Backcountry will have the same dedication the the brand rather than holding it a simply a commodity to increase the company’s value.
  • Welsh Cycling President encourages cyclists to “get aggressive” on the roadways. I am sorry Mr. Owens, but there is one thing I have learned about drivers… and that is that they are unpredictably crazy. They are bigger and more powerful than a cyclist, and may also be carrying a weapon in the car. No thank you.
  • Americans are assholes to cyclists. Persons unknown have attempted to sabotage the USA Pro Cycling Challenge by scattering dangerous materials along sections of the route.

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