Not One Shilling! Taiwan In Cycles Policy For Product Placement

Much of the information we receive about bikes and components comes from either the manufacturers themselves or from media such as magazines, websites or blogs.

It is often very difficult to come across a good product review as the reviewer is cautious not to say anything negative about the product. In the ecosystem of product reviews, the reviewer relies on a stream of new products to review and risks alienation from the big manufacturers (and alienation from their products) if a review doesn’t lay on the superlatives. This can make it really difficult to find good, reliable information on bikes and the sum or their parts. Once the streams of media become monetized, the relationship between the product supplier and media becomes a classic patronage network.

Taiwan In Cycles was started, in part, to provide all types of information that is free from the pressure of having to please sponsors or ensure a steady supply of products to shill for.

On occasion, Taiwan In Cycles will feature or recommend bikes, products, companies and businesses. This is done completely free from any form of patronage.

I will only use this media space to promote products or businesses that I feel are deserving of any exposure I may provide, and only if I feel I can stand 100% behind these people and their businesses.

At no time am I ever pressured or enticed to provide positive media exposure for any particular individual, business, company or corporation. Any media exposure I provide is completely based on my own subjectivities as a blogger and as a rider. My reviews, likes and dislikes are entirely based upon my own experience.

Moreover, I am often happy to provide deserving products and businesses with exposure on this site and this exposure is entirely unpaid in any way including: discounts, favors, samples, gifts, money or sex.
  • Taiwan In Cycles does not receive sponsorship for reviews or product placement.
  • If Taiwan In Cycles receives a free sample of a product or service for review, the terms will be publicized on this site.
  • Taiwan In Cycles is a non-profit and private blog.
  • Taiwan In Cycles is happy to highlight only those deserving of free exposure.
  • All opinions are entirely my own.
In the coming weeks I will be reviewing a few products that I have purchased for my own use, and I hope these reviews will be useful for others out there considering similar purchases.

I don’t feel I can be truly objective, but my subjectivities will likely come from feeling I have made an informed purchase.

Basically… if it is seen here… I feel it deserves to be here.

2 thoughts on “Not One Shilling! Taiwan In Cycles Policy For Product Placement

  1. Thank you for introducing my blog. I'll post about Taichung cycling soon. My Japanese blog is substantial, but the English blog is not.(笑)

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