Taiwan Cup Organizers Learn Their Lesson

The organizers of the Taiwan Cup and the Taiwan Bike Festival have learned a valuable lesson about planning, and have begun looking at early November to kick off the second annual Taiwan Bike Festival.

King Liu, the founder and chairman of Giant bicycles has promised to make the Taiwan Cup race bigger and better in 2011, with November 5 already earmarked on the calendar.

The first edition was due to take place last Sunday but was cancelled because of Typhoon Megi and replaced with a hill climb won by Amets Txurruka (Euskaltel-Euskadi). Oscar Freire, Robert Hunter, Tadej Valjavec, Darren Lill and David Tanner also competed in the event that is part of the Taiwan Cycling Festival.

King Liu, the founder of Giant Manufacturing Ltd. and advisor to Taiwan’s president is quoted in the article as saying:

We’ll run the event on a bigger scale on November 5, 2011. The government of Taiwan and the cycling industry here are very supportive. We want to make Taiwan a cycling paradise.

The article goes on to erroneously report that 2011 will be “Taiwan’s hundredth anniversary”, which is ridiculous and impossible. 2011 will be be the hundredth anniversary of the Republic of China, which began administrating on Taiwan in 1945 and retreated to Taiwan in 1949. Taiwan has been in its present location for millenia. Get used to more of this garbage as ROC cheerleaders seek to promote an unpopular political agenda.

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