Chinese Students Conduct Ethnographic Bike Trip of Taiwan

A group of fifteen Chinese students from Beijing University just embarked on an exciting tour of Taiwan, where they will seek to learn more about this exotic and alien world. They will learn about strange Taiwanese customs, see Taiwanese culture in its native environment, and participate in some of the strange coming of age rituals:

“I’ve heard that in Taiwan you have to complete a 1,000 km cycling route as part of a coming-of-age ritual at 20, ” he said. “Although the route on this tour is less than that, I will make up for it on my next trip to Taiwan.”
This trip should provide the departments of the social sciences at Beijing University with a huge codex of ethnographic material on this mysterious island and its strange, exotic people.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Students Conduct Ethnographic Bike Trip of Taiwan

  1. "Taiwan Province Bicycle Trip Journal, Day 17: For some strange reason the natives of the southern region of our sacred 寶島 seem to be aiming their gravel trucks at us, causing us to lose several members in a most grisly fashion…"

  2. From Ben:"Taiwan Province Bicycle Trip Journal, Day 23: Lost three more the other day to a landslide, collapsed bridge and a cement truck. Still soldiering on though a pandemic of melamine poisoning has swept the remainder of the group. Must check milk supplies we brought with us. However, spirits lifted by comrades fashioning jackets with the white sun of our southern province waving our national flag along the route. Starting to feel at home …"

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