NY Times on Crashing

The New York Times has an interesting piece today about that little fear we all have in the backs of our minds… the fear of crashing.

I have never had a… you know… c-r-a-s-h, but the fear of my last moments in the grill of a cement truck is ever present. It is a healthy fear that keeps us alive. We pay attention more and our brains often react to danger before we realize what we’ve seen.

I know many cyclists who have a heightened sense of perception when riding in traffic. Years of living in Taiwan makes this “Spidey Sense” extra sensitive. I don’t know how many times I have visited the U.S. and flinched at cars approaching a controlled stop. You learn to anticipate what drivers will do (and they usually do the stupidest thing at the stupidest time). The only way to keep fear in check is through the confidence of practice. When we know what a crisp corner should feel like because we’ve done it enough times.

Still, the close calls always keep you alert.

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