“Taste? I have no taste…”

When I am out on my long rides I commit the sin of listening to music with headphones. I guess in Taiwan you get to a certain risk saturation point and you just can’t add any more. Drivers are going to be nuts no matter what you do. I can still hear with headphones on… it just takes some common sense and awareness of your surroundings.

I have a biking folder of about 500 songs in iTunes and Autofill to make a random playlist. Music lets the mind wander to far off places and still focus on riding. It can be a welcome distraction at the right moment too. A little Journey can make the difference on a sustained 7% grade. I can do the music, but I can’t do podcasts. Podcasts are just as bad as talking on a phone. They take my attention off the road. I sometimes just ride and laugh at some song or another that suits my taste. The thing is… I have no taste.

Anyone else do the same?

Here’s the last 25 songs from Sunday’s century. Just thought I’d share. 🙂

  1. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker–The Ramones
  2. No More Heroes–The Stranglers
  3. Nirvana–The Cult
  4. Nobody Is Innocent–The Sex Pistols (with Ronnie Biggs)
  5. Walk On By–The Stranglers
  6. Spinal Tap–Big Bottom
  7. Pour Some Sugar On Me–Def Lepard
  8. Arthur Theme–Christopher Cross
  9. Pictures of You–The Cure
  10. Particle Man–TMBG
  11. Knock Three Times–Tony Orlando
  12. Pistol Packin’ Mama-Bing Crosby
  13. The Captain Of Her Heart–Double
  14. Mad Donna–T-Rex
  15. Sri Lanka Sex Hotel–Dead Milkmen
  16. Love Plus One–Haircut 100
  17. Seventeen–Winger
  18. Magic–The Cars
  19. My Hooptie–Sir Mix A-Lot
  20. Thunderstruck–AC/DC
  21. Dear God–XTC
  22. A Dozen Girls–The Damned
  23. Lady Luck–The Proclaimers
  24. Dance Hall Days–Wang Chung
  25. Bridge Over Troubled Water–Elvis Presley

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  1. You have some good songs in there but I can't handle severe tempo changes, either just BPM or the overall intensity of the song, especially on climbs. I'd be all amped up on Sheena and then if Bridge Over Troubled Water came on I'd be toast. I usually don't listen while riding but I do while running and carefully select music to keep with running cadence. And if I'm racing, it's a meticulous combination of pacing vs. song tempo as I prepare a playlist.

  2. Hey, thanks for giving me a few songs to check out that I didn't know about. Cyclists seem to either be for or against riding with music….I'm definitely one who likes to ride with it.Keep up the great writing and riding.Darryl

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